Ogif's TalkAny

Ogif's TalkAny 1.0

A repackaging of an old-fashioned TTS engine


  • Lots of "personalities" to chose from
  • Manually tweak voices
  • For English and Spanish


  • No different to original
  • Old-fashioned and out of date
  • Voices not natural

Not bad

Ogif's TalkAny is a repackaging of the classic text to speech engine, TalkAny, also known as Talk It!

You won't notice any difference between Ogif's TalkAny and the original program - in fact, it just seems to have been repackaged in a new installer. The first thing you'll notice is that the program looks old-fashioned and comes with no configuration settings. It doesn't integrate into Windows, meaning that if you want to convert something from text into speech with Ogif's TalkAny, you'll have to manually type or paste it into the window.

Ogif's TalkAny gives you a selection of voice "personalities" to choose from, and you can also manually change the pitch and tone. There are also options to modify the pitch quality and vocal effect, and the program is capable of dealong with texts in both Spanish and English.

When TalkAny was first released back in 1995, there's no doubt it was an innovative and high-quality product. Looking at it now, however, it seems old-fashioned and considerably less attractive than the many other TTS options out there. Add that to the fact that Ogif's TalkAny is simply an old program in a new installer, and it becomes very clear that you should look elsewhere for your text to voice needs.

Ogif's TalkAny is the classic Talk It! repackaged. These days, however, it's best avoided.

Ogif's TalkAny


Ogif's TalkAny 1.0

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